7. Dr Paul Matherne – Caring For Children With Congenital Heart Disease.

In this episode, Dr. Matherne, who is a pediatric cardiologist,  shares his insights, and talks about the different aspects of caring for children with congenital heart disease.


*He talks about the advances in technology and the services that can be now be offered to children with complex congenital heart disease.
*How the complexity of the child's heart condition can often lead to longer hospital stays. 
*How longer hospital stays disrupt the family's normal schedule.
*Why longer hospital stays can cause the family stress for several weeks and sometimes months.
* Why dental hygiene is important to children with chd.
* The developmental challenges that some of the children with complex congenital heart disease face.
* Some of the challenges involved with children getting heart transplants.
* Plus, Dr. Matherne talks about the 3 operations that many single ventricle children need:
      * The Norwood Procedure
      * The Glenn Procedure
      *The Fontan Procedure.
* He shares information about these 3 surgeries:
      *What parents can expect during their child's hospital stay,
      *The stress parents face during their child's stay.
      *Insights about the child and family once they return home after each operation.
Join us for this exciting episode.


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