59: Amy Bennett- HLHS, Heart Failure, and Supporting Other CHD Families

Amy shares her son’s journey with congenital heart disease. 

She talks about when her son was first diagnosed during a fetal ultrasound, and the conflicting advice she received from the physicians. 

She shares the story of her son’s birth. 

She talks about her son's 6-week hospital stay after his first heart surgery. 

Amy then talks about how she had to rush her son back to the hospital on 2 separate occasions, where he coded and became extremely ill. 

She discusses the things that helped her son recover. 

She talks about his second heart surgery and his stay in the hospital. 

Amy shares what helped her the most. 

Moreover, she tells about her son currently being in heart failure and the symptoms that he is experiencing. 

Amy reveals her inspiration behind the organization that she started called Sisters-by-Heart and how it helps CHD families.

Join us as Amy shares her story. 


National Pediatric Quality of Life Collaboration https://npcqic.org


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