55: Kristine Slovis – CHD Mom & Organizer of the Super Hero Heart Run In Virginia

On this episode of the podcast Kristine talks about her journey with her son who has CHD and how this has inspired her to become an organizer of the Super Hero Heart Run in Virginia.

Kristine talks about her pregnancy and when the doctors first told her that her son's heart was not forming correctly.

She shares the challenges she faced when her son was born.

She talks about the challenges in between her son's first two heart surgeries.

Kristine discusses one of the biggest challenges she faced – the time required to feed her son.

She also talks about how she and her husband worked as a team to care for their son.

She talks about her son’s second heart surgery and how he recovered from it.

She also describes the other physical challenges she noticed she got her son home from the hospital.

Moreover, Kristine talks about her son's 3rd heart surgery, the hospital stay, and the recovery; she also talks about the benefits and risks associated with closing the fenestration after this 3rd heart surgery.

Join us for this episode. 


Super Hero Heart Run -  http://www.superheroheartrun.com/

Mended Little Hearts National Organization - http://www.mendedlittlehearts.org/


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  • vicki williams

    Reply Reply July 12, 2017

    That was absolutely amazing hearing Gilbert’s journey. It’s easy to overlook all of the many stressors that are added to a family . Not only was this a good reminder but it also gave some great ideas of things that might be helpful to someone going through this with their child.Thanking God for Gilbert successful Journey thus far and his amazing parents and their teamwork!

  • Tessa L Burkhamer

    Reply Reply July 14, 2017

    Thank you for sharing ur story..

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