52: Kelley Kassay: Providing Toys To Children In The Hospital In Honor Of Her Son!

Kelley talks about her son, Mason, who was first diagnosed with cancer at age 5 and how his passing at age 11 inspires her to help other families and children in the hospital.

She talks about her son's experience with cancer along with what inspired her to start Mason's Toybox.  

She shares how her non-profit organization delivers toys to children in the hospital, along with their siblings, and gift cards for the parents during November and December of each year.

She talks about where she found her strength during the final two years of her son's life in the hospital.

Kelley shares how she processed the grief once her son passed away and how the grief has changed over the last 6 years.

She talks about how her son's diagnosis and death has made her a stronger and better person, along with how it has transformed her.

She discusses the difference between research and awareness when considering charitable donations.

Finally, Kelley shares how families who have children in the hospital can use Google to search for local resources in the area that may be able to provide additional help.

Join us as Kelley shares her inspirational story.

Mason's Toybox Website-http://masonstoybox.org/
Mason's Toybox Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MasonsToyBox/
Google your child's condition and your city to find local resources that may be able to help provide assistance, while your child is sick or in the hospital.
Angel Flights- provides flight transportation for sick children and their parents from where they live to the city where the child is going to be treated.









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