49: Tara Tench- The Challenges of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Tara shares her story about her daughter who has hypoplastic left heart syndrome.


She talks about her pregnancy, when her she first learned that her daughter was going to have congenital heart disease, and the moments leading up to her daughter's birth.

She discusses her stress level during her daughter's first heart surgery, and about her daughter's hospital stay after the surgery.


Tara also talks about the time at home in between the two heart surgeries. 


Tara also shares how she was able to receive additional medical services and support once her daughter was discharged from the hospital.


She talks about the Glenn surgery and her daughter's recovery and hospital stay related to it.


Tara talks about how their daughter has brought her and her husband closer together and strengthened their marriage.


Finally, she offers advice and resources to parents who may be going through a similar situation.


Join us as Tara shares her story.

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