47: Kayla Aimee – Her Daughter Born at 25 weeks, Stayed 6 months in the NICU, and Thriving Today.

On this podcast episode, Kayla shares her story about her daughter: born at 25 weeks in her pregnancy, her long 6 months stay in the hospital, being away from her family, and how her daughter has overcome all the odds and is now thriving and at the head of her class.

On the podcast, Kayla shares the details of her inspirational story, such as:

Kayla shares the story of her pregnancy and going into labor at 25 weeks of gestation.

She describes her 6-month hospital journey with her daughter.

She shares what her life was like after her daughter was discharged and home.

She talks about being a mom and the medical care provider for her daughter was challenging.

Kayla also talks about why it is so important for parents to care for themselves during these challenging times with their children.

In addition, she talks about how she and her husband processed each of their experiences differently.

She shares how these challenges impacted her marriage.

Moreover, she reveals why it is so important to champion your child and celebrate each accomplishment and milestone.

Plus, she shares how blogging on her website became therapeutic in her healing and how her blog now helps other people going through similar challenges.

Finally, she talks about her book and her motivation to write it and how it is helping other people.

Join us as Kayla shares her story about the journey with her daughter.


www.KaylaAimee.com - Kayla Aimee's website

https://www.facebook.com/kaylaaimee - Kayla Aimee's Facebook page

Anchored-Finding Hope In The Unexpected - Kayla's book that can be purchased on Amazon.


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