46: Melody Nuttall- Anencephaly and Making The Most Of Life To Help Other Children and Families.

On this podcast episode Melody shares her story about her daughter Lailah Joy Heaven who was born with Anencephaly.

She talks about when she first learned about her daughter's condition during the pregnancy.

She describes in great detail the birth of her daughter and the planning process of donating her daughter's organs.

In addition, she talks about how she parented her other young daughter during the pregnancy and birth.

She talks about how she and her husband have grieved differently and how it has impacted their marriage.

She shares how the death of her daughter has affected other areas of her life.

Finally, Melody reveals her motivation and drive to help others going through similar circumstances.

Join us as Melody shares her story.


Anencephaly.Info - a national organization that helps families with children who have anencephaly. 


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Photography. - https://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/


Faith Lodge - is an infant loss retreat - https://faithslodge.org


Below Are Pictures of Melody, Her Family, And Her Daughter.



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  • Melodye Jones

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    This was a wonderful podcast. I am a friend of Melody and Paul. Melody is a remarkable woman. Her heart is huge. She is an articulate advocate for parents who have experienced child loss. It has been a privilege to be al part of their journey. Beautiful anguish indeed.

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