45: Meagan Nash- Down Syndrome And Changing People’s Perceptions Concerning Children With Special Needs

On this week's podcast, Meagan Nash talks about her son, who has down syndrome and how both of them are changing people's perception concerning children with special needs.

Meagan talks about her pregnancy and when her son was first diagnosed with down syndrome.

She talks about her delivery and hospital stay.

Plus, she talks about characteristics of children with down syndrome.

She offers encouragement to other families by sharing the resources that helped her the most.

Moreover, she talks about her son's favorite toys, food, and activities.

Meagan also talks about how her son was able to change national businesses perspectives about children with special needs.

Also, she goes into great detail about how her son models for brands throughout the United States.

Moreover, she offers advice to parents on how to approach modeling agencies, if they would like their child to model.

Most importantly, she shares how her son is doing today.

Finally, Meagan talks about how she advocates and tries to help other families and children who have down syndrome.



Down Syndrome Diagnostic Network - National Organization - http://www.dsdiagnosisnetwork.org/


Changing The Face Of Beauty - http://changingthefaceofbeauty.org/


J Purvis Talent Agency - http://www.jpervistalent.com/




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