44. Kathy McClelland – Cri du Chat Syndrome and Beauty In Broken Dreams 

On this podcast, Kathy talks about her son who has Cri du Chat Syndrome. 

Kathy talks about her pregnancy and how there were symptoms and risks during her pregnancy.

She describes her son’s birth and his noticeable "cat-like cry".

She talks about the challenges of her child's hospital stay.

Kathy discusses the challenges of parenting her 3-year-old son, while her newborn was in the hospital. 

She shares how her 3-year-old son was impacted by his mother and brother being in the hospital.

She describes the terror of her son coding when he was one month old. 

Kathy discusses the statistics surrounding Cri du Chat Syndrome. 

In addition, she talks about the surgeries her son has had. 

Kathy discusses how her two sons interact with each other. 

She also shares how her marriage has been affected.

And she talks extensively about experiencing grief because of her son's condition and how she was forced to re-evaluate the expectations she had for her life.

Join us as Kathy shares her story! 


www.KathyMcClelland.com- visit Kathy's personal website. 

Beauty In Broken Dreams by Kathy McClelland 


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