42: Ellen Stumbo – Advocating for Children With Special Needs While Raising Two Daughters, One With Down Syndrome and One With Cerebral Palsy. 

On this podcast, Ellen Stumbo shares the story of her two daughters - one child who has Down Syndrome, and an adopted child who has cerebral palsy. 

Ellen talks about her daughter and how cerebral palsy has effected her. 

She discusses her daughter’s biggest challenge with cerebral palsy - the emotional and relational aspect of interacting with her peers.

Ellen shares how her daughter still remembers her time at the orphanage in the Ukraine. 

Further, she discusses her family's decision to adopt a child with special needs versus having their own natural biological child. 

Ellen talks about how she structures her goals and priorities. 

She talks about her daughter with Down Syndrome, and how her daughter has influenced her perspective. 

She talks about how interacting with other moms who have special needs children has really helped her. 

She discusses why parents who have children with special needs or complex medical challenges are at a higher risk for their own mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.  



EllenStumbo.com - Visit Ellen's website.


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