41: Kristie Klagges -Persevering Through 5 Heart Surgeries And A Heart Transplant.

Kristie shares her journey and how she has overcome so many challenges living with a rare form of congenital heart disease known as Shone's Complex.

Kristie shares: 

How she only had a 5% chance of surviving after her first heart surgery at several days old. 

Plus, she talks about going through her second heart surgery at 2 and half years old. 

She shares what she remembers about her childhood and how CHD-affected her growing up. 

In addition, Kristie talks about her symptoms leading up to her 3rd heart surgery at the age of 12 years old. 

Kristie talks about how her job as a Therapeutic Day Treatment Counselor allows her to help children with special needs.  

She offers how often behaviors are an outward form of an inward emotion. 

Moreover, she discusses the importance of talk therapy for kids with CHD to help them during their adolescence years. 

Kristie also talks about her 4th heart surgery, what caused her to then go into heart failure, and her subsequent heart transplant. 

She reveals the challenges of a heart transplant, prior to surgery, during and after surgery, the recovery, and how her life is today. 

Finally, she talks about how she is now and setting life goals that she wants to accomplish. 

Join us as Kristie shares her story! 

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