36: Tammy Thomas – National Board President of the Children’s Heart Foundation and Parent of a 22 Year Old CHD Survivor!

On this episode of the podcast, Tammy shares her journey with CHD in regards to her son and how it led her to working with the Children's Heart Foundation. 

During this episode: 

Tammy shares her story about her 22-year-old son who has congenital heart disease. 

Tammy talks about when her son was first diagnosed with congenital heart disease and his first hospital stay.

She tells how she had to take her son to the emergency room within 36 hours after being home from the hospital.

She shares how the second hospital stay turned into another 21 days. 

She talks about her son’s second and third heart surgeries. 

Moreover, she talks about how CHD affected her son growing up. 

Tammy talks about how she became involved with the Children's Heart Foundation. 

She describes how the Children's Heart Foundation raises money to help provide initial funding for specific congenital heart disease research and projects. 

In addition, she talks about a National Database project funded by the Children's Heart Foundation to help doctors share research across hospitals. 

Finally, she talks about the growth of the Children's Heart Foundation and how it hopes to fund $10,000,000 dollars in research in the near future. 

Join us as Tammy shares her story. 

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