35: Jennifer DeBouver-Losing a Child to CHD and Helping Other CHD Parents Who Are Experiencing Loss!

This week on the podcast, Jennifer talks about losing her first child at 27 weeks in the pregnancy and then losing her second child to CHD. She talks about how the loss of her two children motivated her to help other families who have lost their child. Plus, she now educates parents about blood clots in CHD babies and children. 

On this podcast: 

Jenifer talks about when her second child was first diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. 

She also talks about the fetal intervention used to help her son. 

Jennifer talks about how her body was affected due to complications from the delivery. 

In addition, she talks about the complications that led to her son passing away. 

Jennifer then talks about navigating the grieving process and how this led her to help other children with CHD.

She shares how losing two children affected her marriage

Jennifer also talks about how she started the Angel Box Program with Mended Little Hearts for parents who have lost their child. 

Finally, Jen talks about specific things that she did to help her heal from losing both of her children.

Join us as Jennifer shares her story! 


Asher James Foundationhttp://www.asherjamesfoundation.org/ - Jennifer's organization that educates parents about the prevelance of blood clots with CHD children. 


National Blood Clot Alliancehttps://www.stoptheclot.org/ - National organization that educates people about the dangers of blood clots. 


Olivia's Blanketshttp://www.lovesissy.com/olivia.html  - blankets for parents that have loss their child. The blankets seperate with half of the blanket going to the child and the other half staying with the parents. 


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