32: Monica Rogers: Congenital Heart Disease Survivor, Pediatric Home Health Care & NICU Nurse, and Mom to 3 Children – one of whom was a Preemie, and one who is Autistic!

This week on the podcast we chat with Monica Rodgers, an adult who was born with congenital heart disease. 

Monica talks about first being diagnosed with congenital heart disease as a child, her first heart surgery, and what she remembers about her hospital stay. 

She talks about growing up with CHD and how it affected her, what her limitations were, along with interacting with her peers. 

Monica shares how her experience with heart disease led her to become a home health care and NICU nurse. She talks about why she wanted to be a nurse.

She also describes in great depth the biggest rewards and challenges about being a home health care nurse.

She discusses the differences and similarities of working with families as a NICU nurse and as a home health care nurse. 

She also talks about how CHD affected her during her pregnancies and during labor with her 3 children.

Monica discusses and offers personal advice to parents in regard to the trauma many parents experience while their child is sick in the NICU or even after the parents are at home with their child.

Moreover, Monica talks about being the mom to her daughter who is on the autism spectrum.

Finally, Monica shares one very important piece of final advice to parents who have a sick or injured child.  

Join us this week on the podcast as Monica shares her story!

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