26: Annie B. Garman – Discovering Your Daughter Has Hypo Plastic Right Heart Syndrome While Living In Iceland.

Annie talks about finding out that her unborn daughter was going to have congenital heart disease while her and her family were living in Iceland.
She talks about having to return home after learning about her daughter's heart defect.
Also, she shares her emotions after learning about the heart defect.
Annie talks about how her daughter had surgery to repair her heart 9 days after she was born and how the surgery lasted for almost 9 hours.
Plus, Annie she talks about her emotions in the hospital while her daughter went through 3 heart surgeries.
In addition, she describes how the stress affected her marriage.
How her daughter's heart surgeries affected her other two daughters who were ages 4 and 6.
Moreover, she talks about how journaling helped her process her thoughts and emotions during this challenging time.
She also talks about how her documenting her family's experience with her daughter led to her publishing a book called. "Unexpected Grace When Your Child Is Born With Half A Heart".
Finally, she shares insights on how she dealt with post-traumatic stress.
Join us as Annie shares her story!


Annie B. Garman's Blog - http://anniebgarman.com/
Annie's book- Unexpected Grace -When Your Child Is Born With Half A Heart-  In this book Annie shares her thoughts and feelings about her experiences about her journey with daughter and congenital heart disease. 

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