22. Annaleci Lamantia- The Story Of A Teenager With Truncus Arteriosus Type 2

Annaleci shares her story about growing up with congenital heart disease known as Truncus Arteriosus Type 2 and how it has affected her over the years.

She discusses her parents and how they have helped her throughout her life.

She shares how she beat the odds of surviving her first heart surgery.

Annaleci describes her first two heart surgeries in depth and talks about the risks and complications from her first two heart surgeries.

She talks about her favorite activities and also the activities she avoids because of her heart.

Plus, she talks about making the decision at 11 years old to choose the hospital to have her next heart surgery.

She describes her 3rd heart surgery, what she remembers, how she felt afterwards, and how the surgery benefited her.

She talks about her hopes, dreams, and aspirations for her future.

Annaleci also offers advice to other parents and people with congenital heart disease.

Plus, she describes other health problems, some of which are related to the heart disease and some that are not.

How her parents have helped and supported her throughout her life and as she transitions to an adult.

How her peers supported her growing up.

She talks about the resources that have helped her.

Listen to this week's podcast as Annaleci shares her story.

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