16. Catherine Campbell – Living Life With A New Heart.

In this episode, Catherine talks about her daughter's journey with congenital heart disease.

She talks about when she first found out about her daughter's heart condition.

How she chose a pediatric cardiologist to care for her daughter's heart.

The challenges of her daughter being born pre-mature with congenital heart disease.
The stress of the going through the first heart surgery.

How she stayed in the hospitalize for the first 6 months of her daughter's life.

The anxiety and anticipation of the second heart surgery.

The challenges that her daughter faced after the second heart surgery.

How her daughter needed a G-Tube to help her get the required number of calories each day.

How her daughter developed complications and had a major setback, and had to fight for her life.

The challenges of parenting two children and being pregnant while her daughter was recovering from her heart transplant.

How she prepared for her daughter's heart transplant.

How her daughter is doing today and what a typical day is like now.

Plus, Kelly and Catherine talk about resources that helped Catherine through her daughter's medical challenges.

Finally, Catherine talks about the family that donated the heart to her daughter.

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