14: Lee Gibson- Overcoming The Challenges Of One Of The Rarest Types Of Cancer.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so in this week's podcast Lee shares his story about his son, who at 3 years old, was diagnosed with one of the rarest types of cancer.

Let's talks about:

-His son being diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer.
-The challenges of being in the hospital for 6 weeks.
-How his son is doing today.
-How his other son is his handling his brother's illness.
-The side effects of the drugs used to cure the cancer.
-How the drugs affected his son.
-Why Lee and his wife are so passionate about helping other families.
-How this effected school for his son.
-How finding other families going through similar situations impacted his son and family.
-How Lee and his wife both processed their son being diagnosed with cancer differently.
-What 4% is not enough really means.

Join us for this week's episode.


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