13: Laura Carpenter- Part 2-Talks About Congenital Heart Disease and Shares Resources To Help Parents

In this week's episode we conclude our interview with Laura Carpenter. 
In part 2 of Laura Carpenter's interview she talks about:
  • How children process stress through play 
  • Children and their resilience
  • CHD the lack of awareness of local pediatricians and pediatric emergency rooms.
  • Ways to be prepared if your child has to go to the ER.
  • What is CHD awareness and how to inform people about it so more people are aware of it! 
  • Mended Little Hearts Angel Boxes & Bravery Bags
  • Living life in each moment. 
  • Why it is so important to continue to try to create more awareness for CHD and how that effects the amount of money raised for research, which is critical to helping children with CHD. 
  • Plus, Laura shares her thoughts on even though her daughter only lived two months she realizes that she received an unbelievable gift in her daughter. 
  • How you can get involved with the Angel Box program
Favorite Quote 
Watch your way as a cautious traveler and don't be gazing at that mountain or that river in the distance saying "How should I ever get over them?" But keep to the present little inch that is before you and accomplish that in that little moment what belongs to it. The mountain and the river can only be passed in the same way. and when you come to them you will come to the light and the strength that belong to them.
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Mended Little Hearts National Organizationhttp://www.mendedlittlehearts.org/
Mended Little Hearts of the Shenandoah Valley Website -https://www.facebook.com/MLHShenandoahValley
Mended Little Hearts Events 
Mended Little Hearts Patient Advocacy Network
Summer Webinar Series 
Power of Pictures
CHD Symposium 
Remember Our Heart 5K 


If you want to contact Laura about helping her with Crafting For Little Hearts you can email her at mlhoftheshenandoahvalley at gmail.com.


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