11. Dr. Jonathan Swanson – A NICU Doctor Talks About Caring For Newborn Babies With Complex Medical Conditions

In this episode Dr. Swanson, a neonatal intensive care doctor (NICU) at University of Virginia Children's Hospital talks about:
  • What inspired him to become a neonatologist.
  • Shares specific types of training NICU doctors need to care for a wide variety of children born with complex medical conditions.
  • Why the child and parents benefit, if the parents can be at the bedside with the child, while in the NICU.
  • Shares specific information on children born premature, with congenital heart disease, or other medical challenges.
  • He also talks about the future of medicine and how it has the potential to help save even more children that will be born in a NICU.
  • The newest technology that UVA is implementing to help the parents and children stay connected.
  • He shares one test that UVA developed that saves 1 out of 50 babies lives who are born in the NICU.
  • Offers advice on managing stress to parents who have a child in the NICU.
  • Also discusses the unfortunate situations of when children in the NICU don't survive and how the doctors, nurses and hospital staff grieve and help the parents.
  • Finally, he shares one of his greatest joys of being a NICU doctor.
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