How the Walking With Families Podcast Started!

Kelly Blumenthal and Charles George met while staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville, VA when both of their sons were at UVA hospital recovering from heart surgery.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to become friends.

One day, while talking to Rita Ralston, Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House In Charlottesville, the three of them decided to start a new podcast…the Walking With Families podcast.

The idea behind the podcast was to provide help to other families going through the challenges of having a sick or injured child in the hospital.

By interviewing families with sick and injured children, doctors, nurses, support staff, and other people involved with caring for the child, it would provide a resource for other families with sick or injured children who are somewhere along the journey.

In this way, if a pregnant mom in Kansas City or Baltimore or any other town has just been told her child will have congenital heart disease, she will have a resource of stories from other parents about their children with CHD, insights from doctors and nurses, and other people who may be involved in helping and caring for the child.

Or if a mom has just been told her child has cancer, or if the child is born premature, then the podcast will offer hope and inspiration for these families also, by sharing stories of other parents, who are walking a similar journey.

As the podcast evolves it will present information regarding all of the major childhood diagnoses.

In addition, the podcast will also provide a resource so other people can learn the many challenges that parents face when they have a sick or injured child in the hospital.

We are excited about the Walking With Families podcast.

We hope you find it to be a valuable resource in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

We look forward to you listening to the podcast!
Warmest Regards,

Rita, Kelly, and Chuck